package acgtk

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Module type
Class type

This module implements list contexts.

type 'a t

The type of the list contexts

val empty : 'a t

empty returns an empty context

val is_empty : 'a t -> bool

is_empty z returns true if the context z is the empty context

val push : 'a -> 'a t -> 'a t

push elt z returns the context z to which elt was added

val size : 'a t -> int

size z returns the size (i.e., the number of elements) of z

type 'a focused_list = 'a t * 'a list

The type for focused lists, i.e., lists with there context

type direction =
  1. | Right
  2. | Left

    The type for directions in which we can move in a focused list

exception Move_failure of direction

Exceptions raised when moving on some direction in a focused list is not possible: to Right when the list under focus is empty, to Left when the context of the list is empty.

val forward : ?step:int -> 'a focused_list -> 'a focused_list

forward ~step f_l moves forward (if step is greater than 0) or backward (if step is less than 0) in f_l. step defaults to 1.

val right : 'a focused_list -> 'a focused_list

right f_l moves forward (i.e., right) in the focused list. It is the same as forward f_l

val left : 'a focused_list -> 'a focused_list

left f_l moves backward (i.e., left) in the focused list. It is the same as forward ~step:(-1) f_l

val zip_up : 'a t -> 'a list -> 'a list

zip_up f_l moves left in the focused list f_l until the context is empty and returns the list to which it is the context

val fold : 'a focused_list -> ('a focused_list -> 'b -> 'b) -> 'b -> 'b

fold (c, l) f acc runs f ... f (right (right (c, l))) (f (right (c, l)) (f (c, l) acc)) until no move to right is allows.

val full_left : 'a focused_list -> 'a focused_list

full_left f_c returns the same focused list as (empty, zip_up f_l).

val forward_insert : 'a -> 'a focused_list -> 'a focused_list

forward_insert elt (z, l) returns (z, elt :: l), i.e., the list l to which elt was added, in the same context as l.

val backward_insert : 'a -> 'a focused_list -> 'a focused_list

backward_insert elt (z, l) returns (push elt z, l), i.e., the list l in the context z to which elt was added.

val nth_context : int -> 'a list -> 'a focused_list * 'a

nth_context i [a_1; …; a_i; …; a_n] returns a pair made of the focused list (z, [a_i+1 …; a_n]) and a_i such that [a_1; ….; a_n] = zip_up (z, ([a_i; a_i+1; …; a_n])) = zip_up (forward_insert a_i (z, [a_i+1 …; a_n])). Raise Move_failure Right if i is strictly greater than n.


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