package acgtk

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Module type
Class type
type file_type =
  1. | Object
  2. | Data
val load_env : with_magic:bool -> string -> string list -> AcgEnv.t -> UtilsLib.Error.pos -> file_type * AcgEnv.t

load_env ~with_magic filename dirs env loads the environment contained in the file filename (searched in directories dirs) and adds it to env. The file can be an object file or an regular acg data file, and the function returns the new environment and the type of the file. If with_magic is set to true, when parsing acg data files, magic rewritting is enabled

val save_env : force:bool -> string -> AcgEnv.t -> unit

write ~force filename env writes the enviromnent env into the file filename as an object. If force is set to true, all the data of the environment are dumped.


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