package acgtk

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Module type
Class type

This module is a functore generating a resumption store for the specified weight module and the specified computational type


module C : sig ... end


type 'a resumptions

The type of the resumption store

type 'a computation = 'a C.computation

The type of the computation, 'a being the type of the computational state to be stored

type w = W.w

The type of the weight of the computational states

val empty : alt_max:int -> 'a resumptions

empty ~alt_max returns an empty resumption store. alt_max defines the maximal number of states to be stored while keeping sorted according to w.

val regular_sorting : 'a resumptions -> bool

regular_sorting r returns true if r still uses regular sorting and false otherwise.

val is_empty : 'a resumptions -> bool

is_empty r returns true if r contains no computational states.

val extend_resumptions : computation:'a computation -> weight:w -> 'a resumptions -> 'a resumptions

extend_resumptions ~computation ~weight r returns r to which the computational state computation with weight weight was added.

val pp : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> 'a resumptions -> unit

pp fmt r pretty prints the resumption store r on the formatter fmt.

val swap : ?current_computation:('a computation * w) -> 'a resumptions -> 'a computation * w * 'a resumptions

swap ~current_computation r returns (c,w,r') where r' is r to which current_computation was added and c, whose weight is w, was removed. If r is such that regular sorting is disabled, r' is r and (c,w) is current_computation.


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