package acgtk

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Module type
Class type

This module implements free/bound adornments

type status =
  1. | Bound
  2. | Free

    the status that can be given to a variable (or a constant)

val status_to_string : status -> string

status_to_string st returns a string describing the status (basically either "f" or "b").

type t = status list

The type of adornments

val adornment : bound_variables:ASPred.TermSet.t -> ASPred.predicate -> t * ASPred.TermSet.t

adornment ~bound_variables pred returns a pair (bindings, new_bound_variables) where bindings is the status of each of the parameters of the predicate pred according to the bound_variables set, and new_bound_variables is the bound_variables augmented with the variables occuring as parameters of pred.

val compare : t -> t -> int

compare ad1 ad2 returns 0 if the adornments are equal, -1 if ad1 is smaller than ad2, and 1 otherwise.

val to_string : t -> string

to_string ad returns a string (a word made of b's and f's) describing the adornment.

val adorned_predicate_to_string : pred_table:ASPred.PredIdTable.table -> (ASPred.predicate * t) -> string

adorned_predicate_to_string ~pred_table ad returns the string corresponding to the adorned predicate.


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