GUI library for ocaml, with animations, based on SDL2
Library bogue
Module Bogue . Radiolist
Dependency graph
type t
val vertical : ?name:string -> ?click_on_label:bool -> ?selected:int -> string array -> t

A radiolist with the usual vertical layout of items. The option click_on_label is true be default: one can click on the label to select it.

val of_widgets : ?selected:int -> Widget.t list -> t
val layout : t -> Layout.t

The layout to display the radiolist.

val get_index : t -> int option
val set_index : t -> int option -> unit

Set the selected entry to the specified index and directly activate the button's connections with the Trigger.var_changed event.

val active_widgets : t -> Widget.t list
  • returns

    the list of widgets that are active for selecting entries (i.e. either radiobuttons or radiobuttons and labels, depending on click_on_label.