Module type
Class type
val flatten_values : ( 'model, 'dynamic_action, 'static_action, 'result ) Computation.t -> ( 'model, 'dynamic_action, 'static_action, 'result ) Computation.t

Traverses a computation to reach the values within. Any values of the form

both a (both b c)

are transformed to

map3 a b c ~f:(fun a b c -> a, (b, c))

since this generates fewer incremental nodes, thus leading to better performance. The same optimization gets applied for up to 7 nodes both'd together. A similar optimization is applied to nodes of the form

map (both a b) ~f

which get turned into

map2 a b ~f:(fun a b -> f (a, b))

since, again, this generates fewer incremental nodes. As with the previous transformation, this generalizes to an arity of 7.