Module type
Class type
include module type of struct include Bonsai_test.Result_spec end
type ('result, 'incoming) t = (module S with type incoming = 'incoming and type t = 'result)

include No_incoming is a quick way to define a Result_spec with no incoming events:

module type Sexpable = Bonsai_test.Result_spec.Sexpable
module type Stringable = Bonsai_test.Result_spec.Stringable
val sexp : (module Sexpable with type t = 'a) -> ( 'a, Core.Nothing.t ) t
val string : (module Stringable with type t = 'a) -> ( 'a, Core.Nothing.t ) t
val invisible : ( 'a, Core.Nothing.t ) t
val vdom : ?filter_printed_attributes:( string -> bool ) -> ( 'a -> Bonsai_web.Vdom.Node.t ) -> ( 'a, Core.Nothing.t ) t

filter_printed_attributes controls which attributes on a Node will get printed analyzing the string name of the attribute. Style properties correspond to their property name prefixed with "style.". For example, to filter out the "display" CSS property, you should return false for "style.display"; to filter out all CSS styles, return false when the string begins with "style.". A Node's key corresponds to the string "@key"