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Trigerring condition for transitions

type t = event list * guard list

The event list will be a singleton for normal transition, empty for initial transition

and event = string

event name

and guard = Expr.t
type env = (string * Expr.value) list
exception Illegal_guard_expr of Expr.t


val vars_of : t -> Expr.VarSet.t
val events_of : t -> Expr.VarSet.t


val eval_guard : env -> guard -> bool
val eval_guards : env -> guard list -> bool

eval_guards env [g1;...gN] is true iff eval_guard env gi is true for each i=1...N

val rename : (string -> string) -> t -> t

rename f c renames f v each variable v occurring in c

val subst : Eval.env -> t -> t

subst env (evs,guards) replaces each variable v occuring in guards by its value if found in env, simplifying the resulting expression whenever possible.


val string_of_guard : guard -> string
val string_of_guards : guard list -> string
val to_string : t -> string