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exception Internal_error of string
exception Not_implemented of string
val fatal_error : string -> 'a
val not_implemented : string -> 'a
val warning : string -> unit
val add_assoc : ('k * 'v) list -> ('k * 'v) -> ('k * 'v) list

add_assoc (k,v) l returns the assocation list obtained by adding pair (k,v) to l when key k does not appear in l. Returns l otherwise.

val collect_assoc : ('a -> ('k * 'v) list) -> 'a list -> ('k * 'v) list

collect f l returns the association list built from applying f to each element of l and collecting all the (k,v) resulting pairs.

val fold_left : ('a -> 'b -> 'a) -> 'b list -> 'a -> 'a

This variant of List.fold_left allows fold_lefts to be chained with |>

val list_split_at : int -> 'a list -> 'a list * 'a list

list_split_at k [x1;...;xn] returns [x1;...;xk],[xk+1;...;xn] if 1<=k<=n. Raises Invalid_argument otherwise

val bit_size : int -> int

bit_size n returns the number of bits required for representing n

val copy_with_subst : (string * string) list -> in_channel -> out_channel -> unit

copy_with_subst [(s1,s1');...] ic oc copies each line read from input channel ic to output channel oc, substituting each occurrence of string si by si'.