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Module type
Class type

DOM events.

Event types

type 'a type'

The type for events which can pose as values of type 'a. See the predefined event types.

module Type : sig ... end

Event types.

type void = Type.void type'

The type for events that do not expose further data.


type target

The type for EventTarget abiding objects.

type init

The type for event initialisation objects.

val init : ?bubbles:bool -> ?cancelable:bool -> ?composed:bool -> unit -> init

init is an event initialisation object with given parameters.

type 'a t

The type for Event objects which can pose as events of type 'a.

type 'a event

See t.

val create : ?init:init -> 'a type' -> 'a t

create ?init t is an event of type t initialised with init.

val as_type : 'a t -> 'a

as_type e specialises the event to its type.

val type' : 'a t -> 'a type'

type' e is the type of e.

val target : 'a t -> target

target e is the target on which e was originally dispatched.

val current_target : 'a t -> target

current_target e is the target currently handling e. See also target.

val composed_path : 'a t -> target list

composed_path e are the targets on which listeners will be invoked.

val event_phase : 'a t -> [ `None | `Capturing | `At_target | `Bubbling ]

event_phase e is e's event phase, see here for details. This picture may help.

val bubbles : 'a t -> bool

bubbles e is true whether the event can bubble up through the DOM.

val stop_propagation : 'a t -> unit

stop_propagation e prevents the propagation of e in the DOM, remaining handlers of e on the current_target are still invoked use stop_immediate_propagation to stop these. The user agent's default action for e still occurs, use prevent_default to prevent that.

val stop_immediate_propagation : 'a t -> unit

stop_immediate_propagation e is like stop_propagation but it also prevents the invocation of other handlers for e that may be listening on the current_target.

val cancelable : 'a t -> bool

cancelable e indicates whether e can be cancelled, that is whether prevent_default will succeed.

val prevent_default : 'a t -> unit

prevent_default e prevents the user agent's default action for e to happen. This may have no effect if cancelable is false, see default_prevented.

val default_prevented : 'a t -> bool

default_prevented e is true indicates whether a call to prevent_default succeded.

val composed : 'a t -> bool

composed e is the composed property of e.

val is_trusted : 'a t -> bool

is_trusted e is true if e was dispatched by the user agent and false otherwise.

val timestamp_ms : 'a t -> float

timestamp_ms e is the time in milleseconds since the POSIX epoch when the event was created.

val dispatch : 'a t -> target -> bool

dispatch e t dispatches event e on target t.


type listen_opts

The type for listening options.

val listen_opts : ?capture:bool -> ?once:bool -> ?passive:bool -> unit -> listen_opts

listen_opts () are options for listen.

  • capture indicates if events are listened before being dispatched to descendents of the target in the DOM tree. Defaults to false.
  • once indicates at most a single event will be listened. If true the listener is automatically removed when invoked. Defaults to false.
  • passive indicates the listener never calls prevent_default on the event. If it does nothing will happen (except maybe a console warning). Defaults to false.
type listener

The type for event listeners. See listen.

val listen : ?opts:listen_opts -> 'a type' -> ('a t -> unit) -> target -> listener

listen ~opts type' f t is a listener listening for events of type type' on target t with function f and options opts (see listen_opts for defaults). The listener can be used to unlisten, if you don't need to, you can just `ignore` the result.

val unlisten : listener -> unit

unlisten l stops the listening done by l.

val next : ?capture:bool -> 'a type' -> target -> 'a t Fut.t

next type' t is a future that determines the next event of type type' on target t. For capture see listen_opts.

Event subobjects

module Data_transfer : sig ... end

DataTransfer objects.

module Clipboard : sig ... end

Clipboard events.

module Composition : sig ... end

Composition events.

module Error : sig ... end

Error events.

module Extendable : sig ... end

Extendable events.

module Focus : sig ... end

Focus events.

module Hash_change : sig ... end

Hash change events

module Input : sig ... end

Input events.

module Keyboard : sig ... end

Keyboard events.

module Mouse : sig ... end

Mouse events.

module Drag : sig ... end

Drag events.

module Pointer : sig ... end

Pointer events

module Wheel : sig ... end

Wheel events.

Predefined types

Due to type dependencies some events are defined in their dedicated modules:

Events that have no special type dependencies are defined here, in alphabetic order.

val abort : void

abort is the type for abort events.

val activate : Extendable.t type'

activate is the activate event.

val auxclick : Mouse.t type'

The type for auxclick events.

val beforeinput : Input.t type'

beforeinput is the beforeinput event.

val beforeunload : void

beforeunload is the beforeunload event.

val blur : Focus.t type'

blur is the blur event.

val canplay : void

canplay is the type for canplay events

val canplaythrough : void

canplaythrough is the type for canplaythrough events

val change : void

change is the change event.

val click : Mouse.t type'

The type for click events.

val clipboardchange : Clipboard.t type'

change is the clipboardchange event.

val close : void

close is the type for close events.

val compositionend : Composition.t type'

compositionstend is the compositionend event.

val compositionstart : Composition.t type'

compositionstart is the compositionstart event.

val compositionudpate : Composition.t type'

compositionstupdate is the compositionupdate event.

val controllerchange : void

controllerchange is the controllerchange event.

val copy : Clipboard.t type'

copy is the copy event.

val cut : Clipboard.t type'

cut is the cut event.

val dblclick : Mouse.t type'

The type for dblclick events.

val dom_content_loaded : void

dom_content_loaded is the type for DOMContentLoaded_event events.

val drag : Drag.t type'

drag is the drag event.

val dragend : Drag.t type'

dragend is the dragend event.

val dragenter : Drag.t type'

dragenter is the dragenter event.

val dragexit : Drag.t type'

dragexit is the dragexit event.

val dragleave : Drag.t type'

dragleave is the dragleave event.

val dragover : Drag.t type'

dragover is the dragover event.

val dragstart : Drag.t type'

dragstart is the dragstart event.

val drop : Drag.t type'

drop is the drop event.

val durationchange : void

durationchange is the type for durationchange events

val emptied : void

emptied is the type for emptied events

val ended : void

ended is the type for ended events

val error : Error.t type'

error is the type for error events.

val focus : Focus.t type'

focus is the focus event.

val focusin : Focus.t type'

focusin is the focusin event.

val focusout : Focus.t type'

focusout is the focusout event.

val fullscreenchange : void

fullscreenchange is the fullscreenchange event.

val fullscreenerror : void

fullscreenerror is the fullscreenerror event.

val gotpointercapture : Pointer.t type'

gotpointercaputer is the gotpointercapture event.

val hashchange : Hash_change.t type'

hashchange is the type for hashchange events

val input : Input.t type'

input is the input event.

val install : Extendable.t type'

install is the install event.

val keydown : Keyboard.t type'

keydown is the keydown event

val keyup : Keyboard.t type'

keyup is the keyup event

val languagechange : void

languagechange is the type type for languagechange events.

val load : void

load is the type for load events.

val loadeddata : void

loadeddata is the type for loadeddata events

val loadedmetadata : void

loadedmetadata is the type for loadedmetadata events

val loadstart : void

loadstart is the type for loadstart events

val lostpointercapture : Pointer.t type'

lostpointercapture is the lostpointercaptpure event.

val mousedown : Mouse.t type'

mousedown is the type for mousedown events.

val mouseenter : Mouse.t type'

mouseenter is the type for mouseenter events.

val mouseleave : Mouse.t type'

mouseleave is the type for mouseleave events.

val mousemove : Mouse.t type'

mousemove is the type for mousemove events.

val mouseout : Mouse.t type'

mouseout is the type for mouseout events.

val mouseover : Mouse.t type'

mouseover is the type for mouseover events.

val mouseup : Mouse.t type'

mouseup is the type for mouseup events.

val open' : void

open' is the type for open events.

val paste : Clipboard.t type'

paste is the paste event.

val pause : void

pause is the type for pause events

val play : void

play is the type for play events

val playing : void

playing is the type for playing events

val pointercancel : Pointer.t type'

pointercancel is the pointercancel event.

val pointerdown : Pointer.t type'

pointerdown is the pointerdown event.

val pointerenter : Pointer.t type'

pointerneter is the pointerenter event.

val pointerleave : Pointer.t type'

pointerleave is the pointerleave event.

val pointerlockchange : void

pointerlockchange is the pointerlockchange event.

val pointerlockerror : void

pointerlockerror is the pointerlockerror event.

val pointermove : Pointer.t type'

pointemove is the pointermove event.

val pointerout : Pointer.t type'

pointerout is the pointerout event.

val pointerover : Pointer.t type'

pointerover is the pointerover event.

val pointerrawupdate : Pointer.t type'

pointerrawupdate is the pointerrawupdate event.

val pointerup : Pointer.t type'

pointerup is the pointerup event.

val progress : void

progress is the type for progress events

val ratechange : void

ratechange is the type for ratechange events

val reset : void

The type for reset events.

val resize : void

resize is the resize event.

val scroll : void

scroll is the scroll event.

val seeked : void

seeked is the type for seeked events

val seeking : void

seeking is the type for seeking events

val select : void

select is the type for select events.

val statechange : void

statechange is the type for statechange events.

val stalled : void

stalled is the type for stalled events

val suspend : void

suspend is the type for suspend events

val timeupdate : void

timeupdate is the type for timeupdate events

val unload : void

unload is the type for unload events.

val updatefound : void

updatefound is the type for updatefound events.

val visibilitychange : void

visibilitychange is the type for visibilitychange events.

val volumechange : void

volumechange is the type for volumechange events

val waiting : void

waiting is the type for waiting events

val wheel : Wheel.t type'

The type for wheel events.


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