package brr

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Module type
Class type

MIDI port.

type t

The type for MIDIPort objects.

val as_target : t ->

as_target p is p as an event target.

val open' : t -> unit Fut.or_error

open' p opens the port.

val close : t -> unit Fut.or_error

close p closes the port.


val id : t -> Jstr.t

id p is the identifier of p.

val manufacturer : t -> Jstr.t

manufacturer p is the manufacturer of p.

val name : t -> Jstr.t

name p is the name of p.

val version : t -> Jstr.t

version p is the version of p.

val type' : t -> Jstr.t

type' p is the type of p.

val state : t -> Jstr.t

state p is the state of p.

val connection : t -> Jstr.t

connection p is the connection of p.


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