package brr

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Module type
Class type

Media device enumeration.

type t

The type for MediaDevices objects.

val of_navigator : Brr.Navigator.t -> t

of_navigator n provides access to media devices of n.

val as_target : t ->

as_target m is m as an event target.

val enumerate : t -> Device.Info.t list Fut.or_error

enumerate m determines a list of connected media devices. Monitor changes by listening Ev.devicechange on m.

val get_supported_constraints : t -> Supported_constraints.t

get_supported_constraints m determines the media constraints the user agent understands.

val get_user_media : t -> Stream.Constraints.t -> Stream.t Fut.or_error

get_user_media m c prompts the user to use a media input which can produce a media stream constrained by c. These errors can occur. In particular Jv.Error.Not_allowed and Jv.Error.Not_found should be reported to the user in a friendly way. In some browsers this call has to done in a user interface event handler.

val get_display_media : t -> Stream.Constraints.t -> Stream.t Fut.or_error

get_display_media m c prompts the user to select and grant permission to capture the contents of a display as a media stream. A video track is unconditionally returned even if c says otherwise. In some browsers this call has to done in a user interface event handler.

See this MDN article for more details.


module Ev : sig ... end

Device events.


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