package brr

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Module type
Class type

Fetch events.

type t

The type for FetchEvent objects.

val fetch : t Brr.Ev.type'

fetch is the fetch event type.

val as_extendable : t -> Brr.Ev.Extendable.t Brr.Ev.t

as_extendable e is e as an extendable event.

val request : t -> Request.t

request e is the request being fetched.

val preload_response : t -> Response.t option Fut.or_error

preload_response e is a navigation response preload (if any).

val client_id : t -> Jstr.t

client_id e is the client id of e.

val resulting_client_id : t -> Jstr.t

resulting_client_id e is the resulting client id.

val replaces_client_id : t -> Jstr.t

replaces_client_id e is the client id being replaced.

val handled : t -> unit Fut.or_error

handled e is obscure.

val respond_with : t -> Response.t Fut.or_error -> unit

respond_with e resp replace the browser's default fetch handling with the response resp.


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