package brr

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Module type
Class type

Service workers.

See the Service Worker API.

The fetch caches and events are in Brr_io.Fetch.


These APIs are used by the web page to install the service worker. Start your journey with Service_worker.Container.of_navigator.

module Update_via_cache : sig ... end

Update via cache enum.

module State : sig ... end

State enum.

type t

The type for ServiceWorker objects.

type service_worker = t

See t.

val as_worker : t -> Worker.t

as_worker w is w as a worker.

val as_target : t ->

as_target w is w as an event target.

val script_url : t -> Jstr.t

script_url w is the script URL specified during registration for w.

val state : t -> State.t

state w is the state of w.

module Navigation_preload_manager : sig ... end

Ressources preloading

module Registration : sig ... end

Service registration objects.

module Container : sig ... end

Service worker containers.

Service worker context

These APIs are used by the service worker.

module Client : sig ... end

Client objects.

module Clients : sig ... end

Clients objects.

module G : sig ... end

Service worker global properties and functions.


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