package containers

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Maps with Heterogeneous Values

status: experimental

module M = CCMixmap.Make(CCInt)

let inj_int = CCMixmap.create_inj()
let inj_str = CCMixmap.create_inj()
let inj_list_int = CCMixmap.create_inj()

let m =
  |> M.add ~inj:inj_int 1 1
  |> M.add ~inj:inj_str 2 "2"
  |> M.add ~inj:inj_list_int 3 [3;3;3]

    assert (M.get ~inj:inj_int 1 m = Some 1)
    assert (M.get ~inj:inj_str 1 m = None)
    assert (M.get ~inj:inj_str 2 m = Some "2")
    assert (M.get ~inj:inj_int 2 m = None)
    assert (M.get ~inj:inj_list_int 3 m = Some [3;3;3])
    assert (M.get ~inj:inj_str 3 m = None)

change of API, the map is last argument to make piping with |> easier since 0.16.

  • since 0.9
type 'a injection

An accessor for values of type 'a in any map. Values put in the map using a key can only be retrieved using this very same key.

val create_inj : unit -> 'a injection

Return a value that works for a given type of values. This function is normally called once for each type of value. Several keys may be created for the same type, but a value set with a given setter can only be retrieved with the matching getter. The same key can be reused across multiple maps (although not in a thread-safe way).

module type S = sig ... end
module type ORD = sig ... end
module Make (X : ORD) : S with type key = X.t

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