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Hash Table with Heterogeneous Keys

From (thanks to him). Example:

let inj_int = CCMixtbl.create_inj () ;;

let tbl = CCMixtbl.create 10 ;;

OUnit.assert_equal None (CCMixtbl.get ~inj:inj_int tbl "a");;

CCMixtbl.set inj_int tbl "a" 1;;

OUnit.assert_equal (Some 1) (CCMixtbl.get ~inj:inj_int tbl "a");;

let inj_string = CCMixtbl.create_inj () ;;

CCMixtbl.set inj_string tbl "b" "Hello";

OUnit.assert_equal (Some "Hello") (CCMixtbl.get inj_string tbl "b");;
OUnit.assert_equal None (CCMixtbl.get inj_string tbl "a");;
OUnit.assert_equal (Some 1) (CCMixtbl.get inj_int tbl "a");;
CCMixtbl.set inj_string tbl "a" "Bye";;

OUnit.assert_equal None (CCMixtbl.get inj_int tbl "a");;
OUnit.assert_equal (Some "Bye") (CCMixtbl.get inj_string tbl "a");;
  • since 0.6
type 'a t

A hash table containing values of different types. The type parameter 'a represents the type of the keys.

type 'b injection

An accessor for values of type 'b in any table. Values put in the table using a key can only be retrieved using this very same key.

val create : int -> 'a t

create n creates a hash table of initial size n.

val create_inj : unit -> 'b injection

Return a value that works for a given type of values. This function is normally called once for each type of value. Several keys may be created for the same type, but a value set with a given setter can only be retrieved with the matching getter. The same key can be reused across multiple tables (although not in a thread-safe way).

val get : inj:'b injection -> 'a t -> 'a -> 'b option

Get the value corresponding to this key, if it exists and belongs to the same key.

val set : inj:'b injection -> 'a t -> 'a -> 'b -> unit

Bind the key to the value, using inj.

val find : inj:'b injection -> 'a t -> 'a -> 'b

Find the value for the given key, which must be of the right type.

  • raises Not_found

    if either the key is not found, or if its value doesn't belong to the right type.

val length : 'a t -> int

Number of bindings.

val clear : 'a t -> unit

Clear content of the hashtable.

val remove : 'a t -> 'a -> unit

Remove the binding for this key.

val copy : 'a t -> 'a t

Copy of the table.

val mem : inj:_ injection -> 'a t -> 'a -> bool

Is the given key in the table, with the right type?

val iter_keys : 'a t -> ('a -> unit) -> unit

Iterate on the keys of this table.

val fold_keys : 'a t -> 'b -> ('b -> 'a -> 'b) -> 'b

Fold over the keys.


type 'a sequence = ('a -> unit) -> unit
val keys_seq : 'a t -> 'a sequence

All the keys.

val bindings_of : inj:'b injection -> 'a t -> ('a * 'b) sequence

All the bindings that come from the corresponding injection.

type value =
  1. | Value : ('b injection -> 'b option) -> value
val bindings : 'a t -> ('a * value) sequence

Iterate on all bindings.


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