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Module type
Class type

Event timer

Used to be part of CCFuture.

  • since 0.16
type t

A scheduler for events. It runs in its own thread.

val create : unit -> t

A new timer.

val set_exn_handler : t -> (exn -> unit) -> unit

set_exn_handler timer f registers f so that any exception raised by a task scheduled in timer is given to f.

exception Stopped
val after : t -> float -> f:(unit -> _) -> unit

Call the callback f after the given number of seconds.

  • raises Stopped

    if the timer was stopped.

val at : t -> float -> f:(unit -> _) -> unit

Create a future that evaluates to () at the given Unix timestamp.

  • raises Stopped

    if the timer was stopped.

exception ExitEvery
val every : ?delay:float -> t -> float -> f:(unit -> _) -> unit

every timer n ~f calls f () every n seconds. f() can raise ExitEvery to stop the cycle.

  • parameter delay

    if provided, the first call to f () is delayed by that many seconds.

  • raises Stopped

    if the timer was stopped.

val stop : t -> unit

Stop the given timer, cancelling pending tasks. Idempotent. From now on, calling most other operations on the timer will raise Stopped.

val active : t -> bool

Return true until stop t has been called.


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