package core_profiler

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Module type
Class type
type t =
  1. | Online_profiler
  2. | Offline_profiler
  3. | Any_profiler
val now_no_calibrate : unit -> Core.Time_ns.t

now, possibly with calibration error.

val add_slow_task : t -> (unit -> unit) -> unit

slow_tasks is a list of functions that should be called rougly every second while the library is in use. The time-since-we-last-did-slow-tasks is checked on every call to now and maybe_do_slow_tasks below. add_slow_task adds one more slow task.

val now : t -> reluctance:int -> unit -> Core.Time_ns.t

reluctance is higher if we don't want to do 'slow tasks' / don't want a potential 300ns spike.

We _really_ don't want this in Group.Point.ats and Delta_probe.starts (reluctance:4) since the spike would be included in the calculation of a delta. We'd rather not on Timer.records (r:3) since they are more liable to be in the middle of something performance sensitive. We're slightly more happy to calibrate after a Group.reset (r:2), but ideally want to calibrate on a call to safe_to_delay (r:1; lowest).

Here t specifies the kind of slow tasks to run if the reluctance has been overcome.

val maybe_do_slow_tasks : t -> reluctance:int -> unit