package core_profiler

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Every function in Disabled compiles to a no-op with the least overhead possible. Also see comments in

include Intf.Profiler_intf with type Timer.t = private unit and type Probe.t = private unit and type Delta_timer.t = private unit and type Delta_probe.t = private unit
module Profiler : sig ... end
module Timer : Intf.Probe with type 'a create_args := 'a Intf.timer_create_args and type 'a record_args := 'a Intf.timer_record_args with type t = private unit

A Timer contains only a time stamp and no extra information; however, it is useful because (in Offline) the current time is recorded when measurements are made.

module Probe : Intf.Probe with type 'a create_args := 'a Intf.probe_create_args and type 'a record_args := 'a Intf.probe_record_args with type t = private unit

A Probe records some integer value that is passed to at along with a timestamp.

module Delta_probe : sig ... end

Delta_probe is an optimized two-probe group to track changes to some counter.

module Delta_timer : sig ... end

Delta_timer is an optimized two-probe group to track time differences between calls to start and stop.