package core_profiler

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Module type
Class type
module Check_environment : sig ... end
module Common : sig ... end
module Fstats : sig ... end
module Header_protocol : sig ... end

This file is automatically generated by a target in the build system. Do not modify it by hand.

module Offline : sig ... end

Running a program with offline metrics collection causes it to write out a data file on exit. This data file is typically called profiler.dat. The collected metrics can then be analyzed using profiler-tool.exe.

module Online : sig ... end

Use this module for online tracking of perf metrics. When using this module, the metrics are written out to stdout every second. There is no mertric file generated for offline analysis. The rate at which metrics are dumped to stdout is controlled by the environment variable CORE_PROFILER=PRINT_INTERVAL=N where N is the integer number of seconds to wait between outputs.

module Probe_id : sig ... end

Timer, Probe, Groups and Group points are all assigned globally unique Id.ts.

module Probe_type : sig ... end
module Profiler_epoch : sig ... end

Time_ns and Time represents time since 1970 (the unix epoch). When writing out perf mertics, we don't have enough bits to express nanos since the unix epch. Instead we record an arbitrary point of time as the Profiler_epoch.t. Times can be stored with respect to this epoch.

module Protocol : sig ... end
module Std_offline : sig ... end

Open this Std for offline use of probes.

module Std_online : sig ... end

Open this Std for online use.