package core_profiler

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Module type
Class type

A raw or "unfiltered" interest. Specifically, an Event_generator.t can produce events given a buffer and a list of raw interests, which are typically then "filtered" by a Filter.t (a filter takes a list of actual interests / Interest.ts). An event will only ever match one Interest.Raw.t (indeed, events are keyed by raw interests in Event_generator.t) whereas it could match several distinct Interest.ts (e.g., overlapping intervals)

type 'a t =
  1. | Single of 'a
  2. | Group_point of 'a * 'a
  3. | Group_path of 'a * 'a Path.t
include Sexplib0.Sexpable.S1 with type 'a t := 'a t
val t_of_sexp : (Sexplib0.Sexp.t -> 'a) -> Sexplib0.Sexp.t -> 'a t
val sexp_of_t : ('a -> Sexplib0.Sexp.t) -> 'a t -> Sexplib0.Sexp.t
include Ppx_compare_lib.Comparable.S1 with type 'a t := 'a t
val compare : ('a -> 'a -> int) -> 'a t -> 'a t -> int
module I : sig ... end