package lustre-v6

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Time-stamp: <modified the 20/03/2022 (at 22:19) by Erwan Jahier>

Compute dependencies between actions

type t
val empty : t
val concat : t -> t -> t

Linear in the size of the first parameter

val build_data_deps_from_actions : (Lic.type_ -> Data.t) -> t -> Action.t list -> t

Compute the action dependencies that comes from the equations I/O.

Ajoute une liste de dpendances existante celles issues d'une liste d'actions (dont les entres dpendent des sorties).

Lic2soc.lic_to_soc_type is passed in argument to break a dep loop

val generate_deps_from_step_policy : Soc.precedence list -> (string * Action.t) list -> t

Use the dependency constraints that come from the SOC (e.g., 'get' before 'set' in memory SOC).

val find_deps : t -> Action.t -> Action.t list

Returns the list of actions that depends on the action in argument.

val have_deps : t -> Action.t -> bool
val remove_dep : t -> Action.t -> t
val depends_on : t -> Action.t -> Action.t -> bool
val to_string : t -> string

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