package lustre-v6

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All new identifier names ougth to be created via this module.

val update_fresh_var_prefix : unit -> unit

To be called just after the parsing (to make sure that fresh var names won't clash with user idents. )

Indeed, during the parsing, we collect the set of forbidden id that we (somehow) transmit to the fresh id generator below.

val node_key : Lic.node_key -> string -> string

node_key nk returns a fresh node ident.

The idea is the following: the caller propose a name to map the node key. But since that name may clash, we sometimes need to work a little bit more. This is the purpose of that function.

nb : for a node key, it will always return the same string (which means that name migth be ignored).

Dealing with fresh local (to the node) variable idents

val local_var : string -> string

Returns a fresh local var name

val var_info : string -> Lic.type_ -> Lic.id_clock -> Lic.var_info

Returns a fresh local var_info

val array_type : Lic.type_ -> string -> string

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