package lustre-v6

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Each soc has a list of soc instances, made of an (unique) ident and a Soc.key.

In order to be able to iterate on such instances at the C level (e.g., with a for loop), instances are stored into arrays.

The to_array function helps to do that, by gathering instances of the same soc.

More precisely from a list of soc instances l, this function returns :

  • a list made of all the soc.key in l + their number of occ in l (which will help to compute the array size)
  • a function that maps each instance ident to its position in the array where it is stored
val to_array : (Soc.ident * Soc.key) list -> (Soc.key * int) list * ((Soc.ident * Soc.key) -> int)

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