package lustre-v6

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Performs static evaluations of predefined operators in type expressions

exception EvalType_error of string
val raise_arity_error : string -> int -> int -> 'b
val raise_type_error : Lic.type_ list -> Lic.type_ list -> string -> 'a

Provides the type profile of predef operators. More precisely, given an operator and a list of types, This function checks that the provided types are ok, and returns the list of the operator output types.

val make_node_exp_eff : IdSolver.t -> bool option -> bool -> AstPredef.op -> Lxm.t -> Lic.node_exp

PIS ALLER : 2 versions

  • une pour les macros, qui nécessite un IdSolver.t pour traiter les Lic.static_arg list
  • l'autre pour les noeuds simple qui peut être utilisée statiquement
val make_simple_node_exp_eff : bool option -> bool -> AstPredef.op -> Lxm.t -> Lic.node_exp

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